Nightclubs come and go… Not this one!

24th August 2011
24th August 2011 kyser23soze

If you haven’t seen the trending news on Twitter about the potential closure of Ministry of Sound, we think it is our duty to get you up-to-date. News has found its way to our desks that a property developer is looking to cash in on a the site of the old Eileen House which sits opposite the legendary Ministry of Sound nightclub. As you would expect, this is going to cause a number of licensing issues for the Ministry with potential new residents wanting a ‘quieter surrounding’.

While Elephant & Castle is along way from The Three Counties where we are based and some of you may be thinking… “That’s London…it’s nothing to do with us’, we feel we need to raise awareness of the issue because of what Ministry Of Sound represents. For far too long, we have seen fly-by-night promoters and clubs pitching up and putting out sub-standard events that to be quiet frank, don’t even deserve mentioning. We have seen Luminar-run venues up and down Blighty watering down the ‘clubbing experience’ with events that could only have been dreamed up by accountants. I could really go on all day about this… but I won’t.

Ministry Of Sound represents the truest form of clubbing. Events organised by clubbers for clubbers. 18 years in the business, countless millions through the doors and a reputation that speaks volumes. The thought of watching one of the last truly decent super-clubs shut down so ten overpriced flats could be built really grinds my gears – Peter Griffen style. Even if you have not been to Ministry (hang you head in shame), take a moment to sign this petition to save this legendary club.

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